Andrew & Shyla McLean, Lead Pastor

Our Story: Our journey towards planting The LifeWay Church has been a long, winding road. As a child, I was raised in the home of a pastor. My childhood experiences helped me develop a deep love for the ministry, especially in the area of music. This grew more when Shyla (who shares my passion for music) and I were married. We invested the first 15 years of our marriage serving in various music ministry positions. Our primary goal was to help create environments where people could have life-changing encounters with Jesus.

We were good at what we did. However, during the tenure of our last full-time church job, our hearts were stirred. We realized how little impact we were making in our community. Sure, we had good services. We had a great worship band and the church was filled with great people. Yet we weren’t growing numerically and we were spiritually stale. In many ways, church had become a social club centered around religious beliefs. It wasn’t life giving – it was draining. Worst of all, we were failing miserably at the Great Commission. Try as we could to ignore it, we could not escape the fact that God called us to plant. In response to that call, The LifeWay Church was launched September 21, 2014.

Our Family: Andrew & Shyla McLean have been married for 20 years. They have three boys, Josiah, Seth and Ethan.

Our Experience: Andrew and Shyla have served in numerous ministry capacities – most notably serving as missionaries in Botswana, Africa. Most recently they served as the Worship Pastor for churches in Oak Creek, WI, Potts Camp, MS and Bloomington, IN.

Our Interests: We enjoy going out to eat at different places, attending various theatrical events, festivals, sporting events and listening to live music. Shyla enjoys working out, museums, the arts, music and singing. Andrew enjoys playing ice hockey and watching almost any kind of sport. He is an avid football fan and enjoys watching the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.